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Looks like nothing about this company has changed except their fluctuation business address. Be very careful when dealing with this company. I just spent $2,200 to have my garage doors repaired and 2 new openers installed. If you are going to use them, make sure you obtain a written estimate of repairs. Be aware that they charge $85 for a service call even though they do not tell you that prior to coming. Do NOT take this company at their word and be sure to get a second estimate. I made the mistake of believing him on exactly what he was going to do and how much he was going to charge. When giving a verbal estimate, he tells you all the things that need to be done to your door to make it better than new, but once he has your door apart, he finds issues that that he spoke of and that you ASSUMED he included in his verbal quote, but surprise, he didn't. As a result, I ended up paying $200 more than my VERBAL estimate. I'm a trusting person and I expect that of my vendors. If you are a trusting person too, I recommend you NOT do business with RGS. My second clue should have been the fact that he had me back-date my work order so he would conform to CA law regarding the "cooling off" period. I have never written a review about a company until now. All I can say is buyer beware. Do not use this company except as a last resort. Their business practices are shady and disappointing. Since they use so many different names to confuse the reviewers, please know that their website address is http://rgspecialty.com/default.aspx. If that is the company you have called for service, cancel your call immediately! Also, beware that this company uses many different names in order to through off their ratings. They also go by the names of:

1. RGS

2. The Garage Door Company

3. RG Specialties

4. RGSpecialty Development

5. R.G.Specialty Development

6. R.G. Specialty Development

7. RG Specialties

and who knows how many other names exist?

Review about: Garage Door Installation.



Do NOT do ANY business with this company.I made the grave mistake of hiring the shady owner, Robert Schraiber, a known thief.

At that time I was naive and didn't know he is a thief and a *** artist. I called him for a garage repair estimate only. He came over and gave an estimate but harassed me with constant sales pressure and upsales for 5 hours.I finally told him to get out. But he preyed on me and refused to leave.

He held me hostage in my own home while threatening me. He even stole cash from my home.He is a dangerous person AND a liar. He will cause endless harm. When my neighbor saw him threatening me, she went to call cops.

Thena and only then he left. But what's worse is what he did after he left. He went and filed a FALSE police report. He made false accusations.

He demanded money that was never owed to him. When I researched his business, I discovered he has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau. He has since then changed to this new company name to mask the F rating. This business is SCAM company and will cause neverending harm and damages.

Do NOT hire.

Just use a different company.

BEWARE: Since the FRAUDSTER owner, Robert Schraiber does indeed create different names for his SCAM company, Google his license number to make sure you do NOT hire this thief, burglar and fraud.

License number: 669222.

Also beware that he has several different phone numbers too:


(805)553-8404 (661)456-8358.Hey Robert Schraiber, you FRAUD: Looks like your evil ways are catching up to you.


This website is a joke! anyone can post anything and use a false name or the name of someone else!


Somebody is posting stuff without my permission about RG Specialties.

Whoever it is, you are making a mockery of this site for others.

RG Specialties repaired my garage doors satisfactory and has resolved our differences.

Do not trust every thing you read on this site. I had no idea it existed until today. I use YELP.com, not this site. I would not trust the postings about any company here!

Apologies to myself and RG Specialties are in order however, the coward that posted this probably will not come forth.

This site needs some kind of security prior to posting.


And to the SATAN (who commented above) it is a QUOTE! Not an estimate.


I can not believe that RG Specialties could think I was a happy customer after having to pay $200 more than the quote. I disagreed with him at the time it occurred! They have NO basis to claim that they were unaware of my dissatisfaction.

Since then, I spoke to RG Specialties about my complaint and it boils down to the fact that we each have a difference of opinion of what the estimate was. That is why I say when dealing with them, get an ITEMIZED estimate. I did not and wished I would have.

The bottom line is that I asked for both garage doors to be put back in working order. RG pointed out that both doors were installed incorrectly and that he had to do repairs prior to being able to even install new openers. I agreed to the repairs and to the price of 2 new garage door openers. The price was $2,000.

When the time came to work on the second door, he said he would need to do the same repairs to the second door and it would be $200 more. He said the repair for that door wasn’t included in his quote. I don’t understand how it could not be - especially because I ordered two openers!

That is the basis of our differences. I think RG Specialties should at least, offer to split the difference and refund me $100.


In response to Mtiffany@bizla.rr.com we at R.G. Specialty were completely unaware that you had any complaints about our service since you have NOT contacted us nor have you returned any or our calls and therefore, we feel there is no merit to your compliant. We take pride in our work and would be happy to address any concerns over the phone or in person.



verb |ˈestəˌmāt| [ with obj. ]

roughly calculate or judge the value, number, quantity, or extent of: the aim is to estimate the effects of macroeconomic policy on the economy | [ with clause ] : it is estimated that smoking causes 100,000 premature deaths every year | (as adj. estimated) : an estimated cost of $140,000,000.

noun |ˈestəmit|

an approximate calculation or judgment of the value, number, quantity, or extent of something: at a rough estimate, our staff is recycling a quarter of the paper used.

• a written statement indicating the likely price that will be charged for specified work or repairs: compare costs by getting estimates from at least two firms.

• a judgment of the worth or character of someone or something: his high estimate of the poem.

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